I know the number on the scale is not just a tender spot with women. I am sure of this because I share an office with men that are concerned about their figures.
My Dog’s Lesson About Neurofeedback

Your body has an innate desire to get back into balance.  And once in balance…physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually….it will begin to recover and initiate healing.

The reason I called the segment "Building Boomer Greatness" is because my guest Mickey Hadick has accomplished some great things, even though he will say he is "just average' that might have been in the past.  Now he is the new and improved Mickey Hadick, is a boomer who struggled for a long time with many issues that are common to us all, for one,

Every spring, I get into a mood that inspires me to go through my closet, yank out everything I own and start stuffing garbage bags full of things that I am no longer interested in to donate because I
College applications, tweeting and texting, prom, grades, friends, pressure, driver’s licenses, and dating are all things that consume a teen’s life.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “grace” is defined as:
  1. effortless beauty of movement
  2. polite respect
  3. pleasing quality
A dog wags his tail from the heart.  A dog’s love is one of the most honest feelings.  They are never ashamed of us, never talk behind our backs, and they are there for us when we need a little love t
Communicating directly to another’s consciousness without electronics, sound, or gesture is telepathy, a delightful and natural intuitive gift.  Most likely you already use it to some degree, though y


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