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Dad and Toddler Playing
Child rearing is the process of bringing up a child. Much of the process is learning and play. In fact, the way a child learns is through play.
Beautiful African American Woman
For the last decade people have been telling me that I live too much in my head and that I should live more in my heart. That idea of going from my head to my heart was really confusing at first.
Foreign Travel
Recently, after years of globalization, the world is becoming smaller and fusing together. This could be from a new business opportunity, marrying a foreign citizen, or retiring in a foreign country.
Woman Sitting By Window
Where we have experienced pain and suffering we have been growing and evolving.
Rear View Mirror Perspective
This is a story of transformation and how I looked my life patterns in the face. It was a stare down actually and the habits of my life blinked first.
Penny Closeup
“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.” ~ Mark Twain
Yoga – Is It Always a Stress Reliever?
It’s a glorious time in our lives, the welcoming in of a new child to the world.
Fear is a natural emotion that our body-mind uses to let us know that we may be in danger. That's great unless we're experiencing fear more often than our situation actually warrants.
At age four a young boy was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD-NOS), a type of autism.


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