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woman consoling female friend
It's mind-boggling how much information you can hold within your mind over the course of your lifetime. It's even more titillating to consider just how much more wisdom you have yet to learn.
concerned dad with sick child
My husband, Dan, and I were thrust into the world of bereavement on a warm sunny day in July 1985. Little did we know how that traumatic experience was going to change our lives forever.
slaying dragons
We've all heard the fairy tales where the beautiful princess is locked away in a room that's in the highest and farthest corner of a huge castle that is protected by a fierce, fire-breathing dragon.
kombucha tea
Kombucha tea... you’ve seen or heard about it, you’ve maybe even tried it. But what is this funky tea everyone seems to be talking about these days?
man in bed worrying
If you are human, you know about worry. Worry is the state of negative thinking we engage in when we are faced with a real or anticipated threat.
woman running
What is Failure?
Take a moment to feel into what failure means to you...
Child Bullying
Over the last few years peer bullying has been increasingly recognized as a problem and the focus of widespread preventive efforts at schools and communities across the country.
Woman With Outstretched Hands
I am constantly in awe of all of the people in the world who are using their energies and their passions to help others.
Worried Parents with Infant
The shock, numbness, tears, and sorrow all seem to come with a rare disease diagnosis. The question of “Why Us?” seems to follow as families try to grasp the realities.
working at home
Do you work from home? If you do then you know those days very well when it seems your work and your home life have both been put in a blender on high speed.


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