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Fatty Oxidation Disorders (FODs)1 can be very challenging for families and affected children and adults (FODers).  Personally, I know I have lost sleep over it and gained a few gray hairs!  Being an F

Ever since the Internet was created two decades ago, both it and our lives have continued to morph and change at a increasingly fast pace.

If everyone stopped talking, our personal energy would drop. Our voice creates vibrational energy – with great subtle influence on us!
As a mom of a teenage daughter and son, body image is an important topic that I have, and must continue to address with my children.
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting together with two of my favorite gal pals for lunch.
At a time in which computers, multimedia and iPhones cause constant over-stimulation, Ayurveda educates us to tune in with our body, vital (prana, the life energy, carrier of emotions) and mind to re-
Have you ever noticed how many times in your life you felt hurt by someone?  When I first began to look at that in my life, I was astonished.  What I discovered is, at one time or another, almost ever
We've all had it - that moment of realizing we've made a mistake, the veritable "oops" moment! Recent research published in Cell studies that very moment with some intriguing results.
3D printing has the capacity to change many things about our future and new research presented at the Experimental Biology 2014 meeting offers new hope for patients with osteoarthritis from that techn
Life can be so fragile, mysterious, exhilarating, profound, and even tragic.


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Rick Waugh is a highly respected Texas High School Football Coach and a frequent contributor to Spartan Nation. 
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