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June 2014
June, 2014
Heart Health
Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. We still need to get that word out!

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As a mom of a teenage daughter and son, body image is an important topic that I have, and must continue to address with my children.
If everyone stopped talking, our personal energy would drop. Our voice creates vibrational energy – with great subtle influence on us!

Ever since the Internet was created two decades ago, both it and our lives have continued to morph and change at a increasingly fast pace.

Fatty Oxidation Disorders (FODs)1 can be very challenging for families and affected children and adults (FODers).  Personally, I know I have lost sleep over it and gained a few gray hairs!  Being an F
There are so many things that I find fascinating about this process called life that it could literally fill several books to cover them all.
It's common knowledge that stress impacts our health, but a recent study also shines the light on the impact of stress on male fertility, specifically sperm count and the quality of the sperm produced
Got bad teeth? New research from a Harvard-led team, published in Science Translational Medicine, may help!
Have you ever noticed how many times in your life you felt hurt by someone?  When I first began to look at that in my life, I was astonished.  What I discovered is, at one time or another, almost ever
At a time in which computers, multimedia and iPhones cause constant over-stimulation, Ayurveda educates us to tune in with our body, vital (prana, the life energy, carrier of emotions) and mind to re-
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting together with two of my favorite gal pals for lunch.

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Brad Clay grew up in a tiny town in western Oklahoma where hunting and fishing was a way of life. After a very successful career playing college footb...
Along with his father Alan, Chet Tolf co-founded Facebook's #1 Spartan fan page. A legacy of love started by his grandmother!
Fouty is a very well respected Sports Turf Manager for Michigan State University

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