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Discover, Delight, Evolve, Repeat
We all have wisdom to share from our life's experiences, from the growth, the stumbling, the joys and the challenges that life offers to us. Should we choose to listen to what our lives are saying, there is infinite wisdom within each of these experiences. This is my journey - profound, simple, elegant, messy. A delightful, delicious and yes at times challenging cacophany of what it means to be living the human experience - and waking up a little bit (or a lot!) each step along the way.
Weekly Perspective from a Moving Target
The more I see of the world, the more I think I've come to understand least until I try to explain it.  

Coaching with Astrology for manifesting your desires
My motto is, "if you have a desire, you have the power to make it happen".  We are magical, creative and powerful creatures. In fact, we all create our lives at every given moment, if we believe it or not.  Most of us don't feel that way , thinking "life happens to them" instead of "I happen to life".  I use to belong to the "life happens to me" group until I began applying long, proven principles of successful and spiritual people, and then miracles began to happen!

The Deliciousness of Individuality
So... welcome! It wouldn't truly be my blog without a titillating and interesting name, such is my love for language and the art of playing with it! Like CoSozo, which seems to be difficult for people to pronounce until it's heard spoken, haecceity is also easy once it's broken down.

Boomers Rock is a lifestyle that encompasses multiple facets of living a positive successful life by changing attitudes, behaviors and habits. It's actually also the name of our radio show on the network, the world's first fitness radio network and within these pages you'll see us talk about things like:
  • Quality of Life (QOL) and the four quadrants
  • Why the word "retirement" should be removed from the English language
  • The importance of keeping your brain healthy and how to do it
A blog dedicated to food, training, and inspiration.
Eat Well, Lift Heavy, Live Happy is a place where I can share my passions with you. I hope to do so in a way that will be informative, educational, engaging, and infectious. I want to pass on my love for strength training in an inspiring, motivating, and powerful way to everyone that reads my blog. Hand-in-hand with strength training, nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving goals and results and I will be discussing it as well on these pages. Ultimately, I can only hope that having those two key components will make for a happy life for you!
By: Shaunie Girl
This blog is a collection of day to day activities that serve as ballroom for the epiphanies, aha’s and rare graceful moments; where I am as my truest SELF.  It is a dance between awareness’s and tells the story of adventure, understanding and growth.  It is my hope that readers will be able to relate with me, explore with me, and celebrate with me; and together dance with the GREAT SPIRIT common to ALL.
“May I have this dance?”

Learning how to shoot good photography is a journey. There is always something new to learn!  I will share tips and tricks as well as issues that I struggle with and solutions I find.  


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