Mon, July 8, 2013
Your Crowning Glory
The Crown Chakra is the seventh energy vortex and is located at the top of your head.   It's the connection to the Source of Life, the Universe, the Heavens.  Depending on the spiritual tradition, the colors associated with this Chakra are white, orchid or purple. Think the combination of all colors in the rainbow and all sounds of full orchestral music.

This Chakra is the highest energy center in relation to the physical body and has no disfunctions as we are always connected to Source. Have you ever looked up at the stars, or at the horizon of a vast ocean and felt a surge of gratitute and love, or even a fleeting deep understanding at your core?  If you feel one with the Universe, or an Interconnection with all creatures, you have become aware of this Chakra's purpose.

Some believe this is where the soul enters the body at the beginning of life, and leaves at transition from the physical to the spiritual.  Its shape is an 'upside down' open cone with the point starting at the crown of your head.

Having all seven Chakras open, connected and balanced is an integral piece of health and vitality.  Chakras become the opposite due to stress, illness, injury, emotional upset, mental anguish, etc. To rebalance, always start with the Root Chakra located at the base of your spine and work your way up. (Remember this Chakra is opposite in shape to the Crown Chakra - its point begins at the tailbone and fans out to the Earth). You can either mentally or physically touch each Chakra, imagine it spinning in a clockwise position (on your body) and bring in nature's rich, vibrant colors for each Chakra.

Here's a quick review:

Chakra                Location                              Color         Purpose

Root Chakra        Base of your spine              Red          Grounding
Sacral                  Abdomen                            Orange     Relationships/Sexuality
Solar Plexus        Under your Breastbone      Yellow       Personal Power
Heart                   Center of your Chest           Green       Unconditional Love
Throat                 Center of your Throat           Blue         Commuication
Brow                    Forehead                             Indigo      Wisdom/Intuition
Crown                 Top of your head                  White       Connection to the Universe

Some Intuitives feel there are additional Chakras above the Crown Chakra, while others feel these are extentions of the Crown Chakra.

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