Tue, June 24, 2014
Wise Woman In Training: The Journey Continues
What does it mean to be a Wise Woman in Training? The easiest explanation is simply one who pays attention to what life is saying, to the information gleaned from under the surface of life’s every day experiences and uses that wisdom to grow. It is the embodiment of choosing to live the highest and fullest potential of your own expression.
Being wise in your life doesn’t have anything to do with gender. I’ve met spectacularly wise women and also been in awe of many tremendously wise men in my life. We’ve had incredible examples in our history of those who possessed great wisdom: Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr. just to name a few. We all have our own favorites of those who represent the best of who we can be in the world.
I also am so blessed to have several examples of family, friends, and mentors who are tremendous wisdom teachers. They are those whom I admire – people I think of when I pause to reflect on those who have helped me along my own journey with wisdom, awareness, and the mastery of my own highest self expression.
When I was younger, my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and of course along the way I chose many things. I declared over time, “I want to be a teacher, an Olympic swimmer, a writer, a translator, a doctor, a lawyer…” The list went on and on. But ultimately when I’d grown a little older my response became simple. “I want to be a Wise Woman”. It became like a little joke in my household while we all entertained ourselves with how I could actually make that into a profession. I was only joking in part though, and I wasn’t really speaking to my desire to be a Wise Woman from a professional perspective.
I’d seen people who were really, truly wise – both in my own life and in our greater world – and I wanted that. I wanted to flow within my life with grace, to understand who I am and what I am here to do. I wanted that simple, understated, and yet commanding presence that comes solely from knowing your own space within the world and within yourself, and knowing that is all you need in that moment and the next.
I wanted the ability to look at anyone or anything and be able to have compassion and empathy for whom they showed up to be and how they became that way, including myself. I wanted to choose love over judgment and authenticity over image. I wanted to know that regardless of how bumpy my life got or the obstacles that came my way, there would never be anything that could shake my own inner knowledge of my ability to persevere and thrive.
I wanted to walk within the world and feel connected both to the ground underneath my feet and the stranger that I met on the street. I wanted to experience that sly smile creeping across my face for no reason at all other than my own knowledge that I am exactly where I need to be for my own evolution.
I wanted to be able to speak my truth regardless whether it was shared by others, to live my life in a way that would allow me to say at the end that it was a life well spent. I wanted to touch the lives of others in a way that would leave them feeling happy for my presence. I wanted to be able to honor each and every relationship I’d ever had and feel blessed to have had them as a part of my life’s journey.
I wanted to be able to summon courage when I was feeling weak and know that weakness was an illusion. I wanted the ferocity of my indomitable spirit to never be dulled or damaged or be mistaken as anything less than exactly what it is.
I wanted to be able to look under the surface of what happens in life and explore the richness of my emotions and the subtleties within those experiences. I wanted to weave one moment to the next so that I could begin to see and feel and relish the rich tapestry of my conscious awareness as it was woven.
I wanted to practice radical forgiveness and emotional intelligence and truly embody their meanings. I wanted to be wise and rich in the ways of the soul and be able to speak and hear from my heart that dwells within. I wanted to shed the shackles of self-judgment and fears and replace them with glorious bracelets of joy and love. And I wanted to use my voice to speak my truth and find comfort in that sound.
Perhaps these desires are all part of the human experience shared and yearned by all. Perhaps they are unique to me, I don’t know. Today I look back on who I was at the time of my Wise Woman declaration to my parents and feel compassion and joy. I look at the journey I’ve traveled in the years and experiences since that time and know that they have brought me exactly what I’d desired.
Our lives very rarely look and evolve in the ways that we’d envisioned. Along the way we encounter tremendous challenges, unspeakable joys, incredible adventures, and indescribable heartache. Historically like so many I’ve questioned during the most challenging times… why? I may choose to keep that question in the years and experiences to come. But I think the deeper question that arises is “How does this experience serve my soul?” What is my highest self inviting me to learn?
What I’ve come to understand is that there isn’t just one answer to those questions. Rather there layers upon layers of truths and meaning available within our greatest triumphs, our darkest challenges, and even in every day moments. And the more we pay attention, the more we can sit in the stillness as we witness our lives speaking to us, the more wisdom is revealed.
This journey of mine, this path to becoming a Wise Woman continues. It’s had all kinds of twists and turns, tremendous highs and lows, yet it is singularly the greatest challenge I could have given myself. For as I’ve dared myself to show up, to be present, to be fearless in my own determination to face what life invites me to learn, I’ve grown in ways I’d not thought possible.
And the journey doesn’t end. It’s not over. I don’t know it all and I never will until one day when I depart this earth. The wiser I seem to become in this world and within myself, the more I recognize just how much I do not yet know. New truths seem to reveal themselves as if they’ve been hiding somewhere within me until the time to appear is just right.
So my journey continues. I am a Wise Woman in Training traveling along with millions of others in search of the wisdom that has been held deeply within all along.

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