Mon, September 10, 2012
Taking a Moment to Make the Moment
Oh, you're going to laugh alright,
but not just at the funny clothes you wore,
or how naïve you thought the animals were,
or by the unrecognized angels in your midst.
But at how close you were when you thought yourself far,
how much more strength you had
when you thought yourself weak,
and how easy life was when you thought it hard.   The Universe
My world has been catching me up, hair on fire and no time to waste, no time to find….
Until I said “STOP”!!
And, realized in that very moment and word, I took my control back into my control. In that moment I stopped the illusion of importance, priorities, and as my friend says “like the end of the toilet paper roll, when it unrolls the fastest”. Lists, calendars, clocks, demands, expectations, assumptions are all things that add to our sense that our life is being done to us… and is that the life we looked forward to? Is this what we wanted to create for ourselves? Are we going to pat ourselves on the back in 10 years for all that we accomplished today?
My hope is that periodically we will all stop our roller coasters, get off, walk about and look, really look, until we see. I set my phone alarm for 2:30pm each day for a moment of quiet, an inward moment. Sometimes it leads to a shift from chaos to quiet, sometimes it is simply in recognition that I am living my life and I look around at it for 10 seconds before I am on the run again. But sometimes, I use that moment to wake up or get present, and Be still, Grateful for my life, those in it, and the Light that expresses through me.

It is an Ahhhh moment. Mine. I feel the Grace of that moment and let it fill me up.
So the question of the day is this: how much of your life runs you and how much of your life is yours to run, intentionally? Is that working for you?

What would you change if you could not fail? Honestly.

How much quiet time with your Self do you have each day? Do you like your own company? Is the TV on?
Look for ways to recharge You; take and make moments that feed your Soul and express your Soul. Look for that feeling of goose bumps, chills, Radiance of Light that you get from a sense of Wonder, hearing the music, watching a spider build it's web, the Sun rising, watching the water while breathing in and breathing out like the waves of the Ocean that we are. Whatever it is…feel it, enjoy it, let it take you forward into the next moment.
I would love to hear about your experience past or present, and look forward to your sharing with me and others, how your moment happened;
So together we can make more of those moments. .  .
In Oceans of Light   

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