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Wed, January 1, 2014
Resolve to No Resolutions
The start of the New Year has always been my favorite time to celebrate-the New Year is a time for renewal.

We set resolutions-solutions and committments to our bad habits and pledges to create new ones to replace the things that have gotten in our way. And then by spring (another time of renewal) many of us have to try again. 

There is always chatter about why resolutions fail: and I like to think it begins with the premise of waiting until January 1st to comitt ourselves to change. Change can begin any time-right this very second as a matter of fact and we should strike while the iron is hot!

Motivation is an internal drive. It doesn't always come around exactly when we need it to-so why not choose to create a new habit while the urge strikes us and the fire of proactivity is ablaze. 

When I was a smoker, I had selected smoking cessation a few times as my New Year's resolution-I remember waking up in the morning, after smoking too many cigarettes before bedtime, feeling like I had slept in a chimney and feeling with every fiber of my being at that moment, that I needed to quit. And as the moment held strong, then lingered then started to fade away and I didn't choose to hold onto it right then and there, the urge to smoke reared its ugly head again and off I went. So quitting became a Resolution I was saving for New Year's day because that it was NY's resolutions are for, right?

Needless to say, I didn't hold to any of those attempts. Finally, smoking cessation came when I was sick of my dependency and one day, threw all of my cigarettes in the toilet save for one and hoarded that smoke until I couldn't stand it anymore...knowing that when I smoked it, it was gone so I would need to be really sure I wanted it. 

I never smoked it. Nor a cigarette since. 

Resolutions should be made RIGHT when we feel the need for change. Do something NOW about the thing you need to change and keep it going. You will have a better chance of success. 

Save your New Year's resolutions for long term benefits like; vowing to continue to build upon a consistent attitude of gratitude or building up a mindset of persistant positivity. Better yet, treat the new year like you would any day and any day, like you would the New Year. 

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