Tue, December 17, 2013
Re-Imagining Your Life
A couple of my new favorite words are ‘pivoting’ and ‘alignment’, they work well with looking forward into a life of quality, happiness and change.  Change is good, happiness is awesome and quality, well you can figure that one out for yourself, because we are all adults in the land of boomerness, right?

Recently I had the pleasure of reading a really great book, ‘Life Reimagined’ which then led to my interview with one of the co-authors Richard Lieder, (click on the link to hear it).  Richard is the founder of ‘Inventure-The Purpose Company’, and has written nine books including three best sellers, (‘Life Reimagined’ is on its way to best seller land) and he is ranked by Forbes as one of the “Top 50” most respected executive coaches.  He has a resume that is filled with adventure, accolades and accomplishments.

Lieder enjoys exercise and working out to maintain his fitness and zest for life, so to say he has the concept of ‘pivoting’ down pat, and ‘alignment’ completely dialed in would be a complete understatement.

Coaches who walk the walk are my kind of coaches!

As we all move forward into our next phase of life we need to keep in mind some of coach Lieder's philosophies.   We as a generation have an inherent power of ‘purpose’ and not taking advantage of our precious time is a massive mistake.  Richard and I talked about the “deeper connections” and the “opportunity” that we boomers all have in leaving a positive legacy, this is our ‘pivot’ point.

Sometimes our own prejudices can limit our outlook and affect our spontaneity; I refer to these on the radio talk show as “limiting beliefs”.  Discovery and growth are products of living in our moments, and by throwing caution to the wind we open a magic box that holds our keys to upside and potential.  These keys are the ‘enabling beliefs’ that redefine the baked in prejudices, those limiting beliefs that can hold you back, resulting in not fulfilling your own potential and your sense of purpose.

Understanding your own purpose is just one of the components of my conversation with Richard, we also talked about taking more risks in work and love.   And that being more reflective in the morning, adds to our ‘alignment and pivot points’. 

Making a difference in one person’s life is a mission that is achievable through living a purpose filled existence, it is that ‘butterfly effect’ that keeps our tribe growing stronger and a maximized legacy;  it is paying it forward that makes little things important. 

Depending on others for your own well-being, not becoming accountable, and not stepping up will throw the alignment of our mission off course.  By ‘pivoting’ our personal game plan to be more responsive to the needs of others, we utilize what Coach Lieder teaches; our own purpose redefines our generations’ gifts back to the world.

Defining our ‘alignment’ and recognizing we are at a generational ‘pivot point’ leads our nation into a future filled with positivity and hope.

Richard's “Life Reimagined” beliefs follow a cycle that fits this ‘re-alignment and pivot points’.  I love his take and it is comprised of:
  • Reflection-The point of ‘where you are in life’
  • Connection- Your network and how it and they can help you
  • Exploration- Opening up your mind to unlimited potentials
  • Choice- The ‘moment’ you set your new direction
  • Repacking- The ‘process’ of identifying your need for the next level
  • Act- Your ‘resiliency’ of the how to get it done
During our conversation one thing was abundantly clear; the defining theme was in a statement Richard made; “what makes you want to get up in the morning” is the fuel that can power your own personal rocket. 

Life is always about a series of windows, windows of opportunity that when opened can lead us to our new something.  Midlife in the 21st century is completely different than our parent’s world, no one has been in this uncharted deep blue sea, we are voyagers, and we are in a different world once again the trailblazers.

What is going to be your story, your next chapter, your dream?  The fun is in the journey, and listening to a man of great wisdom like Richard Lieder is a treat for sure.   I hope you get as much out of our conversation as I did, remember to open your window, a little fresh air, and fresh coaching never hurt anyone.

Here is a quote from Richard and his book:

“We set out to capture the ‘voice’ of the Life Reimagined movement.  That was our creative challenge.  We wanted to be of service, to be human, to connect at the core with ordinary folks.  We wanted to create a work that would change the conversation from aging to living.  People would want to pass it on to their spouse, partner, or best friends.”

Well said and well done!


Tom Matt is the host of the daily radio talk show ‘Boomers Rock’ where he interviews experts in all fields that pertain to baby boomer quality of life and is heard on the CoSozo Radio Network.  He encourages messages and feedback, loves sharing success stories and can be emailed at- tom@boomersrock.us

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