Thu, August 22, 2013
Quick Tips to Joyful Living
Need to find some joy? Here are some fun ideas!

Go to Pinterest and search for meditation spots. Take five minutes and imagine yourself in the photos. Take three deep breaths.....breathe in the image.

If you like an occasional glass of wine - open that bottle you've been saving for a special occasion.  TODAY is special! (OK, since this is a 'healthy blog' can I encourage you to try an organic wine?)

Clip in a hair extension to add pizzaz to your hairstyle. (Thanks to Renee of Renee's Images, Warrenville, Il for that idea....I'm writing this while at my favorite hairstylist's!)

Stop by a park on the way to work or over your lunch hour. Park, turn off the car, and stare at the trees. Breathe slowly.Quick tips to joyful living

Splurge on a cup of cappuccino (try one with soy, flax or hemp milk). Yum!

A full body massage too long or expensive? Try a massage business or therapist that focuses on your feet.  So relaxing! (And less costly/time consuming.)

Before the end of summer, check out your community's outdoor music.  Concerts are usually free, relaxing and casual. Music soothes the soul.

Plant a tree or perennial.  They are usually less costly this time of year, and you'll really enjoy them this coming spring.

Write that  thank you note you have putting off. Give the joyful experience you had as a kid of receiving 'snail mail'.

List 10 things you are grateful for. Always an unlifting practice.

Try one joyful experience, and see how you feel.

What are some joyful experiences you would like to share?

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