Evie Caprel
Sun, August 11, 2013
The Outdoor Touch - Also Available Indoors
Trees. Clouds. Flowers. Grass.
Even before I was trained in stress resilience and energy work, I would seek refuge from a demanding day at work or with the kids, in a forest.  Or a park. Even a nearby clump of trees and or bed of flowers.
Have you heard of the Forest Meditation?  It's literally a walk in the park. Or....forest for 20 minutes.
In the romantic movie classic Pretty Woman, Richard Gere plays a multi-millionare mogul, and Julia Roberts, who starts out as a call girl, ends up as his wife.  One of his liberating revelations comes when she encourages this high-rise junkie to take off his $500 shoes and walk in the grass barefoot.
When's the last time you did that?  Or feel the warm sand under your tired feet?
Over stressed?  Take a walk.

No time? Create your space, either at home or the office, with elements that remind you of outside.  Maybe an electric waterfall decorated with rocks you have collected.  Or plants that can survive florescent lights.  Colorful photos or pictures of the ocean or a mountainside. 
When preparing for space missions, NASA would have astronauts close their eyes and mentally walk through each sequence of events or protocols.  Scientists measured their brain waves, and compared them to the data they received when these professionals where in the actual experience.  The brain waves were virtually the same. Which means your brain doesn't know if you are really there or it's 'all in your head'. 
Turn your screen saver into a photos that calm you.  In between calls reduce your screen and imagine yourself in the pictures you have.
Or take a five-minute break and image yourself outside, in your favorite outdoor setting.
Research shows you'll be more productive, reduce your blood pressure, and will be happier overall.

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