Bath H.S. track-photo courtesy of Allison McClintick
Thu, August 29, 2013
Just Do it... Wait... No Don't
I'm not a huge fan of running- I'm a sprinter and running long distance seems like an intolerable cruelty in my experience simply because I was never actually taught to run properly. Imagine a sprinters form and stride at a clumsy, slower pace and you will have imagined me any given morning.

To make it a little less painful, I try to stick to the outdoors and even more idiot proof, to the Bath High School track.

I love this place. For no reason truly attributed to running.

There is a real advantage to living in a small town and this track is one of those advantages.

Surrounded by woods, isolated from any traffic whatsoever, it is so peaceful and still you can hear the bleachers routinely popping and snapping, aluminum echoes reverberating around the field.

The northwest corner of the track, particularly, is where I will stop at the end of my mile run (yes, only  one mile!) and turn off my music so I can just stand in the middle of all the natural order of things and listen.

It is here that I begin to understand that I think I may be missing out on my life.

How can we know what options we really have when we don't stop, listen and feel? What is happening aron d us that we are not taking in?

At this realization, I instantly recognize that I must make a change: my "have tos and must dos" need to be reevaluated, my schedule scaled down, my time better me.

It is ironic and a little sad to realize that I feel like I need to schedule time in my day to to "feel" that I am "here"-you know, a part of the landscape and tune into what I am thinking, feeling and just take a moment's pause. I think a large part of our lives are happening inside those moments where we just take a reading on where we "are" at any given time. I can't even drive in my car without listening to music. 

As I am always looking to take our personal journey and align it with leadership as an all inclusive action word, I have to say that as leadership is about influence and impact, intention and the individual, there isn't much we can do with it really, until we learn to govern ourselves first. 

The freedom to "go to the track" is open to all of us and not only that, is a lesson in grounding and contemplative time that we ought to consider a must do in order to know we are running fully in our track shoes and not just running.

What a thrill to think if all the places we can go to use the space in this way. Go to your track daily.

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