Thu, September 26, 2013
An Inhospitable Host Part 2
Pat Crilly, RN was diagnosed with blood clots in 2009. During treatment, a large mass was discovered in her pelvis: invasive ovarian cancer.

Here's part two of her story, and road to self healing.  Thank you Pat for sharing your story.

..."After more than five hours of surgery, I awakened in the Recovery Room and the first thing I wanted to know was if I was O.K. Yes. The preliminary findings showed that the tumor was a low grade cancer with no evidence of it having spread elsewhere. Dr. G. told me that I would still need a little chemo. Would that be alright? Yes, however, when the final pathology report comes back, you will find that I won’t need the chemo.

For brevity and to cut the suspense, five days after surgery, the final pathology report revealed that the ovarian tumor was borderline (not normal but not cancer) but the uterus had very low grade cancer. The cure for that was the hysterectomy. I did not need chemo as there was nothing to treat. Yay for me! My intention was to be well and to be free of cancer after surgery.

Where did all the other stuff go? Over time, many medical and non-medical people weighed in on this. I was told such things as, it was a misdiagnosis. The cancer was never there. They didn’t get it all. It was a spontaneous remission. I must be careful because it always comes back. Dr. G. did not have an ironclad medical explanation. Perhaps she came to her own knowing.

From my perspective, the disease was everywhere the tests showed it to be. The healing took place not by remission but by receding from the furthest point of its spread to what was found at the time of surgery. I believe that it all would have receded completely given enough time; however, I was happy with the results.

I continue to have regular checkups and I remain well…of course.

I want to share some observations I made during my journey to well-being:

Traditional medicine seeks to cure disease. I sought to heal my body.

Some put what I did in the realm of miracles, an exclusive club to which few ever gain entry. In fact, it was an ordinary miracle that we are all capable of achieving.It sounds a bit arrogant to say that I healed myself. I know the truth is that the Universe conspired to heal me.

I believe that I was “spared” for a reason. This experience put a spotlight on my purpose for sticking around. It all comes down to changing our self-limiting beliefs to a limitless belief in ourselves. This is where I now do my best work…helping others learn to believe that they can heal themselves.

I did not fight the cancer. There was no courageous battle. I am not a cancer survivor any more than I am a flu survivor or a kidney stone survivor. The truth is, the cancer did not survive me.

“Cancer” is, probably, the most powerful and scary word in the English language or any language for that matter. I believe the courageous battles being fought, are really about battling the fear, not the disease.

I just did not give the cancer any of my power. I never owned it. I never called it “my cancer”. I do not define myself as cancer free because I do not identify myself with cancer in any way. It was there and now it’s not. If I could tell this story without ever using the word, I would.

I believe in the power of our thoughts. I did not focus on illness. I focused on well-being.

When my thoughts strayed to the what if’s of cancer, I changed my thoughts to the what if’s of health, joy and vitality. If all else failed, I would think about or watch a YouTube video of a basketful of puppies or kittens or of babies laughing. I thought about anything that would lift my spirit.

Here is a simple explanation of how the Mind/Body/Spirit works. We have beliefs which influence our thoughts. Thoughts produce emotions (positive, negative or neutral). Emotions trigger physiological responses like releasing endorphins for positive emotions or releasing cortisol for negative emotions. Those physical responses influence our body on a cellular level which can cause disease or maintain health and balance.

So, I changed my belief with the help of all of the “techniques” and “woo-woo” stuff. It allowed me to get to a place of limitless self-belief I mentioned earlier. This created a cascading effect that allowed my body to heal. My body created the disease so my body could heal itself. I just needed to send the right messages. I don’t mean to say it was easy but it was simple. The challenge was keeping my thoughts positive and to shield myself from the naysayers, reality checkers and emotional vampires. There is only room for supportive, positive and fearless cheerleaders on my Pep Squad."

Special thanks to Pat Crilly, RN.  For more information on Pat's healing journey go to

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