Thu, August 1, 2013
Grounding Technique you can use right now!
Feeling out of sorts?  Ungrounded? Here's a grounding technique you can use right away! Read through it a few times, and then practice.  If you forget where you are, no worries!  Start where you left off and continue.

Sit comfortably in a chair or lie on a couch or bed.

Close your eyes.

Breath in through your nose and out your mouth. Slowly.

Imagine your core star, which is located in the center of your being.

From this core star imagine a blue-white laser light that moves through the ground, dirt, gravel, rocks, crystals, and finally to the molten center of the earth.

Imagine this light which grabs onto the core of the earth, which itself is a star, like the talons of an eagle.

Bring the blue-white light back up through the earth and into your body, up the spine, and continue through the top of your head.

Extend the laser light up to the  sky, clouds, universe.

Take in the energy from the heavens.

When you are ready, bring the light back through the crown of your head, through the core star, down your spine, through the earth and reconnect with the core star of the earth.

Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth.

Open your eyes when you are ready, and take a moment to scan your body to see how you feel.

You can also scan your body before you begin and then again at the end to really notice a difference.


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