Sun, October 27, 2013
The Financial Apocalypse
I like to read economics books, call me Looney, call me whatever you want, I kind of like to balance what the pros have to say with my glass half full way of looking at things.  The latest to fuel the catastrophic thought process the best-selling “Aftershock” by brothers Grimm, David and Robert Wiedmer along with Cindy Spitzer, (2nd edition).  This book was written in 2011, (so making predictions in the 2013-15 windows) is interesting, the book is a thought-provoking read.

Interestingly enough, after doing a little checking, the bros Grimm seem to be wildly successful in the book selling business, however their ‘economic bubble’ bursting ‘economic meltdown’ gets somewhat tiring and in my opinion scaring the chickens into the henhouse the sky is falling is a wakeup to use their ‘protect yourself’ (through their website and advice, annual fee of $399.00, ‘CNN Money’ ) smells of self-serving.

Still I like the book, just not all of the cleverly placed URL’s to theirs and friend’s books and newsletters.

I have a different take, and I like to coach people up on positivity so here you go.

Yes the deficit and money printing is getting out of hand, and I have heard from my experts on the radio talk show that interest rates and inflation is going to rise, for us baby boomers I think you might remember the 70’s and where we were then and we all lived through that mess.  We had double digit inflation then and in the 80’s we survived.  We are at historic lows with interest rates and inflation, and we have been through the housing and internet ‘bubble-bursting’, so yes rates are going to go up.  They cannot go down much further, let’s set the oars in the water, and start working.

Through adversity grows opportunity.  We discuss all of this on the talk show, building our collective of experts and regular people who want to be part of the ‘Refirement Zone’ is the key, all of us have QOL to enhance and improve on, here are some ideas:
  1. We live in a giant window of opportunity, baby boomers are going to live longer, have more wealth and knowledge than any other generation, EVER!
  2. Staying integrated in the work force through transitional careers will not only enable all of those who choose to make more income longer but make us LESS dependent on entitlements.  With Encore and Life Reimagined blazing trails, and our efforts at Boomers Rock walking into the “Refirement Zone” never looked better.
  3. Technology breakthroughs are massive drivers which can enable successful quality of life and wellness, again taking pressure off of beleaguered entitlements. 
  4. Technological advancements are opening massive opportunities to any and all, but especially for boomers who are entering their own ‘Refirement Zone’.
  5. Experiential entrepreneurs, full employment and a higher gross domestic product can result from tweaking the mindset of a small percentage of boomers, the new 21st century leaders of economic revolution.
  6. The internet has opened massive retraining, educational opportunities, leading to new post boomer careers, again taking pressure off of deficits, entitlements and creating wealth.
  7. Health and wellness through proactive living leads to a bank of wisdom that has never before been available to our young people and they need us.  Staying healthy is not only good for us it is hugely important for them as well.

Passion fuels tenacity, tenacity builds skill, skill build resiliency and resiliency is the point of emphasis.  Bubbles may grow and pop as the brothers Grimm (Wiedmer) speak of, that possibly is true, however leadership begins by seeing potential to improve our status, vision is a leader’s best friend. 

Americans and especially the ‘Boomers Rock Refirement movement’ need only to recruit a few because it is through the first leaders that a movement is truly born.  Inflation, interest rates, bursting bubbles, all of this is conjecture, the true facts are that the boomer demographic is living longer, is a massive number of people and have been through controversial times before. 

It truly take teamwork to make a dream work, we have to think about going deeper, and find something you can do with and for the rest of your life.  Reflect on your own narrative, pull from past experiences and lead the charge,  let’s make this new mindset happen.

Time to recruit a few good women and men, who wants on the bus!


Tom Matt is the host of the daily talk show “Boomers Rock” on the CoSozo Radio Network and looks forward to your comments.

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