Thu, April 17, 2014
Boomers Beware, Time Flies as the Kids Grow Up!
Our family just finished a wonderful vacation at a beautiful spot in Southwest  Florida.  We rented a beachfront cottage called 'Little-Palm' (see links), an awesome spot if you want to just relax completely with the family, just steps from the Gulf of Mexico.  I cannot say enough about how amazing this cottage was, the amenities and location are second to none in the heart of Fort Myers Beach.

Whenever  we vacation we have a family tradition of buying refrigerator magnets of the places we visited,  it has become a small family tradition that reminds us of the spots we have visited, just little loving memories.  This time we purchased a small surf-board that said 'Ft-Myers Beach', cutesy and colorful.  I mentioned to Lauren and Sandy that I wanted to rearrange the magnets to reflect on our families travels, like many families I am sure the refrigerator is the hub of all activity and tends to get crowded with notes, shopping items, coupons, and pictures. It becomes the focal point of the house, kind of like a collage of sorts.  Which in our case is much more than a collage, a tribute to modern art family style.

 Picasso would be proud, because it takes a special eye to even figure out what is on Sandy's shopping list, let alone anything else!

I wonder how many other American families have the same setup?   Maybe we start a contest on 'Pinterest' or some other social media, digress, so sorry.

Upon my 'rearranging' the 'art' (the freezer door of our traditional refrigerator, freezer on top) I realized that the last time we had a real 'family' vacation was in 2007, which was our Florida Disney trip.  Well if my simple math is correct that was SEVEN YEARS AGO!

Yes the Disney refrigerator magnet had come back to refresh my memory that it had been that long, UGH!

Seven years boomers,  how many of you have had this dilemma happen to your family?

Now all of that being said a couple of explanations are needed to justify (if that is possible) this misdeed in family in-justice;  or dad being a complete cheapskate and not being proactive in family affairs of the heart, or just plain rationalizing.

Our girls, Ashley and Lauren are exactly ten years apart in age, so school vacations never were cooperative with the traditional spring breaks, (excuse), so that is a problem especially when the eldest started college.  It made even summer weeklong excursions difficult, (another excuse), with work and classes and so on and so forth, (triple-excuse), easily to procrastinate, yep that is me, Mr. Fully Accountable, Dr. Rationalizer!

Thank goodness Ashley (elder daughter) decided to have a destination wedding in 2012,  (which by the way any and all daughters out there, think hard about this because it was wonderful), it gave us an opportunity to break up dads remiss decisions not to have our family get together (can you feel the self-imposed guilt here?) Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic was a gas.   However the fact is that a wedding,  as every mom and dad, daughter, sister and new son-in-law knows, weddings are not a vacation, they are a stress induced event on the magnitude of birth.

So thanks to Ashley and Matt we have a refrigerator magnet from the Dominican, and a little over a year later the most beautiful of granddaughter little Harper Ann Schutte.

Time to plan another vacation!

Being the Internet planner extraordinaire I decided that planning, searching and booking was entailed, so I got busy to the details, beachfront it would be, relaxation and beauty is the quest , enter my golden nugget of all Golden nugget discoveries, 'Little Palm'.  A gorgeous three bedroom, two bath cottage in the most pristine of locations.  To say this little gem is completely homey and comfortable is not doing it justice.  From the master bedroom, to the over fifty inch flat screen, to a washer and dryer nicer than the ones we own at home, to the perfectly set up kitchen to the porch overlooking the Gulf and the gas barbeque, it has it all.

(Yes even though we watched the Final-Four on the pristine flat screen our teams, the MSU Spartans, Wisconsin Badgers and I have to say Big Blue Wolverines did not win it all, we still enjoyed watching)

So nice is 'Little-Palm' people who have been going to Fort-Myers Beach for years, people we met while biking all over the island, asked us how we found it. 

This is no joke, I am sharing this 007/Mission Impossible information because if you are anything like me, Mr. Remiss,  finding a diamond like 'Little-Palm' makes up for a SEVEN-YEAR gap in family memory building.

Jump on this secret information!

Take it from me my boomer brothers and sisters, do not wait to build memories, do not allow the thought of cost cloud your future dream vacations.  Because with a little bit of homework, a tad bit of research you can put together a magnificent vacation with your family, build memories and relax for a lot less than you think.

It is well worth our effort, and the refrigerator art work will thank you.


Tom Matt is the host of the daily radio talk show "Boomers Rock" hosted on the CoSozo radio network.

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