Evie Caprel
Thu, September 12, 2013
Animals and Energy
Do you have an animal who is sensitive to energy fields?  When animals sense you're upset, angry or hurt, what are they reacting to?

When working on patients in my home office, my 10-year-old Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel, Poodle Mix), would walk around my client while they were on the massage table.  With their permission, I would pick her up and place her by the patient's feet.  There she would settle down and enjoy the energy work.

Was she there receiving the Healing Touch therapy?  Or perhaps she was a catalyst for the patient's healing?

There are several stories of animals healing people, detecting cancer, providing companionship and connection.  In my mother-in-law's nursing care facility, there is a resident Golden Retriever who provides comfort to an aging and infirm population.

Science documents that petting an animal reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

And there's nothing like a warm dog laying on your feet on a cold night.

What are animals?  Sparks of energy or consciousness?  They certainly have feelings, dream and are always happy to see you when you walk in the door.

My daughter was 10 when she and I picked up a small ball of dark brown fur and called her Koko.  My husband,  plagued with dog allergies, declared several statements such as, "I'm not feeding the dog, I'm not taking the dog for a walk, I'm not doing anything about the dog".  He's a strong and definitive family man, so we were all rather surprised by his declarations, but honored them.

Funny how life provides unknown gifts.

Now when he walks in the door, Koko runs to him, and he says " Where's my little Koko?" I think she's won his heart. And now that our two children have started lives of their own, she let's us keep that parental connection close at hand. 

She's provided healing to our family on several levels.  Whether she's chasing after chipmunks ("What would you do if you caught one?"), bringing us a toy to play, or encouraging a walk, Koko's spark of love brings us joy every day.

I think she is tuned in to our energy fields, as many animals are.  Every day is a little better with Koko.

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