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Mon, July 1, 2013
Reiki: the Path to Inner Peace
The primary goal of having a personal Reiki practice is the discovery of an inner peace so beautiful and calm that we no longer react to life's stresses, we simply act out of love. We live our lives, love ourselves and love others to our fullest potential because there is nothing that can hold us back. We experience more joy and have healthier bodies because we have taken control of our minds. One of the objectives of Reiki is called Tsutome (duty)- Do (work) which means our duty is to work on ourselves.1
How can Reiki make all of this possible? 
A personal Reiki practice helps clear the energetic blockages that are holding us back from achieving the inner peace we all strive for. These blockages are a result of old wounds, fear, anxiety, and suppressed emotions that have manifested as a physical discomfort, disease, or an emotional issue. Our issues are stored in the body in layers, with the most recent traumatic events being closer to the surface and the oldest, childhood or past life issues, being buried deep within us. In this article, we will cover a few of Reiki's tools and techniques that can help us deal with and release the newer or the right now issues that are hindering us from living that peaceful and joyful life we all desire.
One of the principles of Reiki is “Just for today, I will not get angry.” The “just for today” part helps train our brains to focus on the present moment when changing a habit or thought. This mantra can be a helpful tool as we strive for inner peace from a right now, in this moment, perspective. For example, if Blake struggles with road rage, he can repeat this line before driving: “Just for today, I will not get angry at the other drivers. Their actions do not affect my mood.”
Another Reiki principle is “Just for today, I will not worry.” Let's say Jane is afraid of spiders and saw a big one in her office yesterday. Today she is stressed out and worried about seeing another one. Her personal mantra could be “Just for today, I will not worry. I am safe.” Repeating whatever “just for today” affirmation that we need will reverse our thought process and begin to create inner peace.
To go along with this principle is the Reiki  concept of detachment, especially from the outcome of an event. When we are detached from the outcome, we tend to stay focused on doing the best we can with the task at hand. This concept brings us closer to inner peace because it teaches us to live and be in the present moment, realizing that we cannot change the past or manipulate the future.
Sometimes, we have too many thoughts going through our minds for an affirmation to work. When that's the case, we can use Reiki to calm, ground, and center ourselves. The healing energy of Reiki works on and for ourselves when we lay our own hands upon our body.  It benefits us on both the emotional level and the physical.
For emotional self-healing, use it during meditation, first thing in the morning, just before going to sleep, whenever the need arises, or whenever there is a quiet moment. Simply place each hand on the chakra of choice and chant “Shanti.” Shanti means peace and when chanted it naturally creates a shift in consciousness from stress to peace. A daily practice of self-treatments will retrain your mind to be peaceful, even amidst chaos.
Reiki self-treatments can also be used on minor physical discomforts by laying your own hands on the place of discomfort and using the symbols or a healing affirmation and continuing until the discomfort has subsided. It is just as important to clear the current emotional and physical discomforts as it is to clear the layers of blockages we have been carrying for years. For non-specific self-care, we can get into a meditative state and use our mind's eye to scan our bodies, sensing any areas that feel different, then doing a self-treatment to balance those areas.
The universal life force energy is in every body and every living thing. Tapping into and utilizing the internal Reiki energy for self-healing, which opens the gateway to inner peace, is one of the best investments we can make in ourselves. Reiki trainings are called attunements and they awaken dormant energy channels and provide us with another valuable tool for self-healing and inner peace. 
Are you ready to take the next step to inner peace, to open your mind and heart to healing and to start living consciously? Reiki is a very easy technique to learn and the principles and concepts are valuable foundational tools that last a lifetime.


1 The Spirit of Reiki by Lübeck, Petter and Rand 2004

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