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Sat, November 1, 2014
Mastering the Art of Creative Visualization
Creative visualization is a tool for focusing and grounding spirit into the physical world in order to manifest experiences that we desire. Each person is connected to all of life through our common root in our spiritual source. This spiritual root is our true nature and through it all our thoughts and actions influence the rest of life. 

The fact that all things are connected implies a level of responsibility when manifesting through visualization. Someone who desires rain on their garden, who is strong in the art of visualization and spiritually grounded into the earth can certainly influence the weather patterns. If this is done without concern for the greater good, the potential for creating drought elsewhere is great. How can a person co-create with God to influence the world for good? That is a question worthy of discussion!

The first skill to take your desires out of your head and manifest them in the earth is to ground them. To do this, you may employ your heart, will, and feeling self.  The act of visualizing what you want is primarily a third eye function, but your third eye only creates the image and won’t make anything happen by itself. 

The heart chakra in the middle of the chest is a vessel for transforming spirit into form and form into spirit. It is how we can communicate silently with all of life through our spiritual connections. When working to manifest something, work from your heart chakra in the middle of your chest, as though it were the leader in your endeavor, as though you have eyes to see and a mouth to speak in your heart. Then open to your feelings of desire and will for what you are trying to manifest. These energies are more in your belly and they connect you into the physical world so things can happen in your life.

So now you have the basic equipment for creative visualization: Your third eye in your forehead for visualizing or imagining what you want, your heart chakra in the middle of your chest for making connections between yourself and spirit, and your feeling and will self in your belly so you can ground the spiritual energy to influence the physical world. Add to this having your feet on the ground will help. Standing with knees slightly bent will strengthen that connection to ground what you do into the physical world. Likewise visualization while walking, chanting, dancing, or exercising can strengthen your ground and the ability to manifest what you desire. Sitting down works too, but keep your feet on the ground and maintain awareness of them, so you don’t just work from your head.

OK, you have the equipment and power to visualize what you want and connect spirit and earth within yourself to make it happen in the world. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it! 

Some friends of mine worked together with their very spiritual children to manifest a new vehicle. They agreed on a powder blue Volkswagen Van. They found it the very next day!  However, it had no wheels or engine. It was sitting abandoned in a field!  Oops!  Another example of this is the person who used visualization to attract a mate who looked like what they desired; when he arrived, he wasn’t such a nice person!

It is a simple thing to welcome The Higher Power into your creative visualization and it will help you in some very practical ways. First off – it can help you to fill in the gaps in your imagination, so you don’t end up with the outer form of something, but lacking the essential core ingredients. Also it can help you get past your own agendas and be open to what life really desires to bring to you that is so much better than you can imagine now. Last but not least, it helps you work in harmony with the greater good. By opening to let life bring you what you desire, when and how it fits into the bigger picture that life is creating for everyone, you begin co-creating with God to serve all of life. 

Your visualization process might go like this:
  • Center on your open heart chakra and open it to The Higher Power as you are visualizing yourself experiencing what you desire.
  • Add words of explanation, communicating from your open heart to clarify all the details. 
  • Open to feel your desire for this outcome in your heart, belly, spine, feet and legs. Feel the power build within you.
  • Link the power and feelings to your love for both The Higher Power and for the greater good on earth.
  • Ask to align your will with the will to the highest good for all creation. Ask for your desires to find their right place within the greater purposes unfolding in your own life. 
  • Give thanks that life knows precisely what you need and is bringing it to you in the right way and time so that it serves the highest good for you and all life.
Working in this way will produce miracles, but you have to be open to receive them in unexpected ways sometimes, or with some differences from how you envisioned them. What you don’t receive that you desired will be more than balanced by the elements that the universe added on your behalf. I believe you will be pleased with the results!

There is another significant element which is that we are here in physical form to develop our souls in particular ways. We are contracted for experiences to fulfill this end. These contracts are the primary creative element in our lives. They have been in place since before we were born and many since the beginning of time. Cooperating with them is always in our best interest. 

Although what comes to us through these contractual attractions may not be on our list of desires, they will always lead ultimately to our greater fulfillment.  Toward this end, life will bring you the opportunities and experiences you need for your own growth and for service to the world. My prayer in response to this is:

“Higher Power, help me to align my will and desire with your will and desire, so that I fulfill my true purpose in each moment. Here are the things I would like in my life [this is where I use the process of creative visualization], but I know that there is much that I don’t know or see, so please bring me the things I desire when and how they are in my highest good and the good of all.”

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