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Law of Attraction on Paper
Sun, March 1, 2015
Law of Attraction and Timing ~ Is it You or the Universe
The Law of Attraction seems to be at the top of conversation whenever anyone is speaking of creating the life that they desire. Whether it is a new job, dream home, perfect relationship, better body, or anything that we would like to manifest in our physical reality, the Law of Attraction offers the way to create the life we desire purely by asking for what we want!
Everyone has had experiences personally, or they have heard about others attracting that which they desire by simply placing their order with the Universe! We don’t typically hear people speaking up about when it doesn't happen the way they are told it will. Nor do we often hear why those delays or unintended experiences may be happening. These time delays or unmanifested requests are often the main reason people hold a skeptical attitude toward the process.
Let’s consider the terms resistance vs. allowance when discussing how these time delays can happen when you are manifesting. In other words, are you living in faith or are you living in doubt? It is my experience that if you are not getting what you are asking for, you are most likely living with more doubt than you are faith. 
When we are showing up from a space of doubt, we will absolutely have time delays, which can create the feeling that your intended manifestation is not working. However, there is more to this than meets the eye, or in this case, the mind. The time delay is serving as a catalyst, offering you the choice to reassess and choose thoughts and feelings with greater affirmation (faith).
Everything in your life that is happening right now, you have attracted. You have asked for the experiences in one way or another. This may not be something you want to hear, but it is the truth. Once you accept this truth, it can be life-transforming. 
If you believe you have no power over your life’s circumstances, you will be a victim of life’s circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t use the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction can be a great teacher to show us areas for strengthening within and is tremendously powerful in helping us to create the life we desire.
If we can look at delays as opportunities or tools to really assess what we are thinking and where our thoughts are consciously, we will see that we more than likely need to stay focused on the good and shift from the negative.
It has been proven that a positive thought is 100 times stronger than a negative thought. If you are having negative thoughts you will attract more negative thoughts because your mind is stuck on negative patterned thinking. This is a classic case of passive resistance.
That which you think, so shall you see. You see what you believe. To be in a state of allowing, you must think, feel, and act as though what you are asking for is already on its way. You must feel good about your life and what you are creating. You must trust the process and learn to act from a state of faith. That is the secret.
You must know, without a doubt that you are worthy and able to receive what you are asking for. So ask yourself, are you in a state of resistance, or are you in state of allowing? This is the key to understanding any time delays that you may experience when using the Law of Attraction.
The steps to the Law of Attraction are quite simple. The simplicity can be difficult for many to process and comprehend. Many people over-analyze and believe that to achieve what they desire they must work harder, struggle more, or even be more worthy. Oh, that tricky little mind, and the way it likes to bind us to old habits of self-doubt, self-sabotage or self-limiting beliefs. 
For this reason, it is so important that we become aware of how we are feeling about the desire we are manifesting and the thoughts about it coming into our lives. One thought of doubt such as, “This is not going to work,” or “I do not deserve this,” or “The Law of Attraction doesn’t really work,” will indeed send that energy out into the universe and I guarantee that you will not see your manifestation materialize.
Let’s look at the process used for the Law of Attraction. The steps to the Law of Attraction are:
  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive
That is it!  These three easy steps and you can have everything you desire, right? Not so quickly, unfortunately. The first step, Ask, is the easiest and most attainable of the steps. We are putting our order in. We are affirming what we want to see manifest in our lives. Easy peasy.  
The second step, Believe, is where this resistance vs. allowing conflict can occur. You see, many of us think that if we ask, we just simply tell ourselves it is on its way and then it manifests. This is not always the case.
If you want to receive, you must believe with all your being that it is coming and you must be willing to allow this manifestation to come, now! Allowing is the essential rule to receiving along with the belief in what you ask for. 
To ask for a $50,000 pay increase, feel confident about this happening. Be in a state of mind that has a “knowing” that you are intentionally going after this gain. Feel how it will feel to have this extra $50,000 show up. You will want to express gratitude for it already being on its way, as though it is already deposited in your bank account!
Close your eyes and visualize yourself as you would be or do with this extra income in your life. Actively and intentionally work to create the feelings and awareness that you are ready for this to show up in your life.
Let’s just be realistic that you can’t just sit on the couch and ask for a $50,00.00 pay increase and expect it to show up, right? You have to use your time and energy to work with the universe in creating the reality that you are asking for. You have to be ready to receive this blessing and know you are allowing it to come forth because you know and feel it is!
You have to feel how it feels to have the extra money in your hand and be able to afford the things you will afford when you do! Any negative thought or feeling about this financial increase in your life is doubt, and that is resistance. That resistance sends a mixed message to the universe that you are not ready to receive this increase. You are asking for it on one hand and on the other hand you doubt the reality of its manifestation.
It is very important to learn to master the art of expectation when working with the Law of Attraction. If you want happiness, feel happy! If you want abundance, feel abundant! If you want love, feel the love! The Universe is matching you with the experience that you are ready to feel and receive. 
This is where the final step comes in, Receive. And that is it, you sit back and allow it all to come! You have asked, you have set your thoughts and feelings to match the reality of it already existing in your life and now you get to enjoy the experience of having it in your life!
Some of the key tools in resolving time delays while you are practicing your skills of manifesting are consistency and diligence. You must commit your time and energy to place the positive expectation there. You must break any negative mental patterns that may be hiding in the subconscious mind. That work can be extensive as these thoughts can be pervasive and hidden, but you can do it! People are working with the law every day, every minute to create beautiful lives because they have learned the secret to allowing the universe to do its work. 
Quantum physics has proven that just by merely observing something and giving it attention, we change it! Quantum physics also states that time is an illusion and everything that has happened or is happening is all happening right now. This is amazing! How profound! How absolutely powerful! Let that sink in for a minute.
Your observation has the ability to change the nature of something. Everything you want is available right now! Are you ready to allow this law in your life? Does it feel worthy of giving the time and energy to creating a positive and happy life?
Your thoughts, feelings, and active words are creating what you want to see and manifest, whether you are consciously using the Law of Attraction or not! If you are experiencing time delays, think of them as little teachers or messengers that are offering you the lessons that you need to change your manifesting set point and look at your beliefs. Check your thoughts, check how you are feeling, and then change it!
You are changing your life, moment-to-moment, day-by-day, and you will know that it is because of the energy and intention that you have set to create this life that you desire! Shift your thoughts, shift your feelings and attract a beautiful life! Do not be deterred by delays in receiving what you are asking for, but look at it as an opportunity to make you the greatest creator that you can be!

Ask, Believe, Receive!

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