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Scared Woman Hiding Beneath the Covers
Wed, April 1, 2015
Embracing Personal Growth During Personal Crisis
“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.”
~ Napoleon Hill
Do you recognize when you are being blessed? It is not solely when you get offered your dream job, meet the love of your life, or get to travel somewhere on your bucket list.
Believe it or not, in the moments of personal crisis, even when you feel at your very lowest point, you have incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and step into a life filled with opportunities that you may never have envisioned. In fact, in those raw moments where fear, confusion, and pain collide, you may become most blessed.
You May Want To Curl Up & Hide
Are you experiencing significant distress and crisis? Do not despair, as the turmoil that you face is here to teach you, guide you, soften your hard edges, redirect you, form you in new ways, and offer you incredible opportunities to connect far more deeply with yourself. If you allow yourself, you can experience spectacular learnings and a more rewarding life.
Yet, you may feel so extremely raw and low right now, that these words have little meaning. Yet, just allow yourself to keep reading.
You may feel so afraid of life right now, so resentful to be going through this crisis, and feeling too immobilized, small, incapable, and unsure what to do. Life feels so painful right now, and you’d rather hide and curl up in a ball than to take another breath.  
Crisis Can Change You
Just know that despite how very alone you may feel at this very moment, you actually are on an exciting journey of self-discovery. Remember, “Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat” (Napoleon Hill). A myriad of opportunities await you, if you can shift into believing in yourself, in connecting with possibility, and in allowing yourself to be receptive to inconceivable learnings, opportunities, and forward movement.
Breathe into this moment. Prepare to change in ways that you never imagined, to become even more grounded in your power, and to experience life more richly. Embrace these moments and recognize that aspects of your mind, heart, or spirit may have been like hardened clay, which through your personal crisis can become softened, pliable, and receptive to life.
Interestingly, when we go through life relatively untouched by crisis, we may doubt our strength and capabilities. Thus, it may not be until we are in the very midst of crisis that we can access our treasure-trove of abilities, insights, strengths, and courage. Sometimes, when crisis knocks on our door is when we finally connect to the very essence of ourselves.
Don’t Get Lost In Fear
It may feel natural to experience fear and a sense of real darkness in your time of personal crisis. Yet, do not get lost in fear.
If as a child you learned when difficulty arrived to connect intimately with fear and to fall uncontrollably into a deep, dark pit of despair, this may be a lifelong pattern. Even if you have spent your life connecting with fear, hiding, and defeat, you definitely can change this pattern, which will change your life.
Do you want to be surrounded by darkness and confusion, or do you seek light and clarity? Do you choose to be embedded in a crisis of quicksand, feeling heavy, stuck, unable to move forward, and as if all is lost? Or, are you receptive to connecting with your courage and strength, and then taking just one step forward?
Do you want to leap constantly between the past and the future and thereby completely miss the beauty and power of the present? Or, will you honor the present, live in the moment, and deeply experience the moment-to-moment opportunities and blessings that await you?
Connect To Yourself
As you begin to disconnect from your possible life-long fear, realize that by having connected intensely to something so dark you most likely were simultaneously disconnecting from yourself. This disconnection from self is huge and can leave you feeling disjointed, confused, and making decisions via your thoughts rather than through your spirit and intuition.
With each and every moment that you connect with yourself you will connect more fully with life. You may not have been taught as a child to connect with, and love, yourself. In fact, you may find this concept to be completely ridiculous, as, after all, you must survive. You believe that you must be vigilant, attend to every detail, intensely recall the past, obsessively plan the future, so as to be prepared for what is to come.
Yet, this is a fallacy and a circular pattern that will keep you bound and confused. Your starting point must be your connection with yourself. When you empower crises, situations, other people, you continually ignore, forget about, and disempower yourself. In doing so, you lose the very self-connection and personal power that will bring you the peace and joy of which you yearn.
Thus, begin to allow yourself to connect deep within yourself. Breathe into your personal power and recognize the you that has been waiting patiently by the sidelines to be seen and heard. Acknowledge and access your strength, courage, capability, focus, patience, and self-love. Feel deeply the incredible person that you are, and take one step forward.
Change Is A Decision
Life can certainly defeat you, if you disconnect from yourself and your desires. Life can beautifully change you and bless you, if you are willing to believe in and connect deeply to yourself and render everything and everyone else far less consequential.

When you are met with personal crisis, you can choose to become like hardened clay that is chipped and broken. You can feel angry, bitter, confused, and sad, and you can stay in this state for however long that it serves you.
Or, you can make a conscious decision to shift back to incredible you and become like softened clay. Take a deep breath, and begin to learn to love yourself, connect with your desires, access your inner hope, resilience, strength, perseverance, and your belief that you can. And then, you will, moment by moment. You will.
In your time of crisis, you are changing. So, begin to recognize even subtle signs of your evolution forward, such as openness to new ideas, adopting new perspectives, shifting in directions you had not considered before. Through this process, honor yourself with kindness, compassion, patience, and encouragement, as you begin to create a life in keeping with who you are and what you seek.
You may thank and embrace your personal crisis, as it has been a catalyst to transition you from fear and uncertainty to self-love, and from crisis to creating a beautiful life.

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