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Diane Schuette
Wed, May 1, 2013
Dogs Are Angels From Heaven
A dog wags his tail from the heart.  A dog’s love is one of the most honest feelings.  They are never ashamed of us, never talk behind our backs, and they are there for us when we need a little love to make us feel better when we are down. 
I have always felt they are amazing creatures.  They can create miracles, can bring life to humans who have lost their zest for living. These beautiful animals can change our feeling and make us glad to be alive.  It is like they just give you love and help you when you are grieving. 
Their love should never be taken for granted.  Think of the dogs that are taken from abused places.  Would you believe they never hold grudges towards humans?  Could we do that?  I don't know.  We have a lot of trouble forgiving whereas dogs seem to be able to forgive so much more easily.
People can learn lessons from their wonderful critters.  If we watched how easily they can make us laugh even when we are not in the mood, we end up laughing.  More of us really need to learn how to get their ability to love unconditionally. 
Some people actually question whether animals have feelings or even souls. As an animal communicator, let me assure you they do. Animals have always been a big part of my life and they always will be. 
Like many of you, when I need someone by my side to talk to besides myself, my dog will listen and never say a word.  I can have a wonderful conversation and express whatever emotions need to come out under the watchful, loving eyes of my animals.  Having animals to companion us in this way is life changing for many. Some people even feel that losing their dog can create more grief than even losing a person.
Let me tell you about my four adopted babies.  Tilly was in one of my earlier stories.  She is a Pekingese, 12 years old, and just beautiful.  She came to me after she had been in a puppy mill breeding and no one to love her.  She was about to be destroyed and God brought this angel to me.  She is now happy and healthy and loves her home.  Then there is Sugar, a Yorkie. Her original owner is still a mystery, having been in a house with many other dogs..  Sugar shivered all the way home in the car wondering where she was going to live.  Now she is a sweet, happy and a wonderful little girl who sleeps next to Tilly.  
Most recently I received an email that had four little eyes staring out at me and I knew instantly that they were my dogs. Their names are Fred & Ethel and they are both Shih Tzus.  When my friend and I went to pick them up, they searched our eyes, wondering if we were going to love them and take them with us.  My friend said, "Want to go for a ride?" and they perked up and ran to the door.  Today they all live together happily and healthy with my big cat, Angel.  (What else would her name be)?
Dogs can take on a variety of roles and jobs in your life – from protector to champion, from friend to therapist – all in part because of their extreme ability to practice unconditional love. They will lay down their lives for you.  There are times when dogs will even adopt other animals and watch over them as a mother would take care of their children. 
Dogs have a natural ability to be in the moment and it’s wonderful to learn from them in that lesson. When you come home happy or grumpy, absent-minded or fully present, your dog will always greet you and be full of joy to see you. Instantly you are given the gift of being able to experience an entirely new feeling just by the excitement of your dog when you come home.
Dogs have simple needs. Pay attention to how they like to spend their time, how they live, and most importantly how they feel. Your dog certainly has emotions and their bodies also tend to have patterns just like our human bodies do. Some dogs tend to run warm while others tend to be cold. Dogs who tend to run hot dig holes in the ground in the summer to stay cool. If you think about it, we are the same way. You may have never considered that, but it is the truth.
Just as with humans, there are certain foods that are better for animals who run warm than others. If your dog tends to have a hot body, please do not feed them food with lamb. Lamb can overheat the liver in dogs that run warm  and when that happens they try to cool themselves off by chewing on themselves, their feet, or wood, or carpets.  This will stop as long as you change their food.  If your dog is cold, lamb is good for them because it will help them keep a little warmer.
Living in the moment is one of the greatest lessons we can learn from our dogs.  In the moment, we can learn to experience more joy, accomplish more meaningful work, and so much more – lessons that we can learn simply by learning from what our dogs can teach us. Pay attention; they can really teach us a lot of great things to do.  When you start doing these things you are going to have a different way of thinking; how smart and loving our dogs are. 
When you get more deeply connected with your dog, you begin to consider more things you can do for these great companions. You can use acupuncture, acupressure, reiki and so many more natural therapies.  All of these things are direct touch.  If your dog has achy joints or muscles, they will benefit from this increased blood flow and flexibility that massage offers. 
OK, now let's go back about having fun with your pal; the dog!  Did you ever get into a contest where you dress up with your dog?  If you haven't, you should try it; you will find yourself laughing so hard; well you know where that goes - enjoy, enjoy! 
How many of you don't buckle up your dog when you get into the car?  You really need to think about this because hopefully you buckle yourself and your family so why wouldn't you protect them too?  You never know when you might have to stop fast.  Hopefully that is the worst it could be.  There are lots of different things you can use; harnesses, seatbelts, all different sizes no matter how big or small they are.  Do this for yourself and for them.
If you are thinking about adopting a new dog, there are lots of things to think about.  For instance, what kind of dog would fit into your life?  Are you looking for a lap dog that wants to be a couch potato?  Or, if you are a runner and want a dog with a lot of energy, what would work for you? 
It would not be fair to the dog if you chose the wrong one just because he is cute or pretty. I will tell you why - if this dog you bought did not work, you would take them back and it would sadden them terribly.  Please for both of you, meaning you and the dog, think first!  Make the right choice. 
Also, I forgot to tell you, no matter what you take home, they come with a lot of baggage. It will take time to make it work.  Patience is needed.  It would be the same if you adopted a child.  Like I said, animals and people are all the same.   
Let me share with you this short story of a dear friend of mine.  My friend has an old dog that she fell in love with at first sight.  She adopted him right away.  She made the right decision on this guy.  There was something that just made her feel love and peaceful.
You see for a while my friend was very ill and alone.  She needed a companion.  This dear old dog became her best friend. She called him "Sir Angel."  I will tell you, it brings tears to your eyes what he did for her. Every time someone would go to the store for her, she would ask the person "please bring back some toys for Sir Angel"...after a while he had a box full of toys. 
One day Sir Angel felt very worried about his friend. She slept alot.  He slept next to her and gave her all his energy.  One day Sir Angel went and got all his toys and one by one put all his toys on her.  He wanted to make her feel better and smile. 
When she woke up, she could not believe the special thing he had done for her.  He was sharing his toys with her because they made him feel real happy. My friend decided to get up and try to live again and believe it or not, my dear friend started getting better a little at a time.  She told me that she then knew that God had sent her this beautiful dog from heaven as she felt that Sir Angel covered her with his love.  That is what a dog is - LOVE!

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