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Tue, November 1, 2011
Colon Hydrotherapy: A Forgotten Art
When we think about cleansing our bodies we typically think of taking a shower or bath. We know that regular cleansing of the skin helps improve health and wellness. Well, if you believe this statement, doesn’t it make sense to cleanse inside our body? This is the essence of colon hydrotherapy – cleansing or irrigation of the large intestine or colon.

Often referred to as a “high colonic” or “colonic irrigation,” colon hydrotherapy is a thorough method of cleansing the colon. Colon hydrotherapy is not a new process. Rather, it’s been around for centuries and is used to clear impacted waste material, relieve constipation, and improve elimination – all to aid in the improvement and attainment of better health naturally.

Our elimination system affects our entire state of well-being as our elimination system is tied to how many nutrients we absorb, how much our bodies are actually nourished, and how efficiently our other bodily systems work. Many may believe that cleansing the colon simply aids in elimination, but in actuality many other health conditions and complaints can be aided or improved by colon hydrotherapy. Some, such as skin problems, weight loss, constipation, IBS, hemorrhoids, diarrhea and even allergies are fairly intuitive. Other conditions that can be improved include anxiety, fibromyalgia, asthma, cancer, hypoglycemia, autoimmune illnesses, and arthritis and many more.

In the original article I wrote for the February 2011 issue of CoSozo Living, I discussed many benefits of colon hydrotherapy as well as two of the most prevalent issues associated with suboptimal bowel function: bowel toxemia and leaky gut syndrome. Bowel toxemia can cause sluggish bowel movements, constipation and even serious disease. Leaky gut syndrome can cause someone to feel constantly tired and unwell and is caused when toxins from the colon become absorbed into and circulated by the bloodstream. Both are serious conditions that can severely compromise good health. Good colon health is vital to good health.

Constipation is one of the major reasons that patients seek out colon hydrotherapy but as you can see above there are a number of other medical conditions that may be related to colon dysfunction. Many of these problems would not seem to have a direct connection to the colon.

The health of the skin is often an indication of colon health. Common skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema may be related to chronic bowel issues and often are improved with colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Many people with joint pain or arthritis benefit from colon detoxification. Colon toxicity may result in toxins begin absorbed into the body and causing inflammation in the joints, thus causing pain and swelling.

Another group of patients who may benefit greatly from colon hydrotherapy are cancer patients. We know that cancer patients have a tremendous problem breaking down and assimilating proteins, but they may also be extremely deficient in many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. They also tend to be poor detoxifiers and may suffer from constipation or other digestive issues. Colon hydrotherapy may be of tremendous help to this group of patients.

Common Concerns

Laxatives act as chemical irritants and stimulate the muscular walls of the colon to abnormally contract to expel the irritating substances. It is easy to become dependent upon these drugs. Over $400 million is spent annually on laxatives in the U.S.

The oral route of administration is the least optimal method of evacuation of the large intestine. Very important digestive processes occurring higher up in the alimentary tract (stomach and small intestine) are interfered with. Most laxatives and other cathartics precipitate dehydration.

Colon hydrotherapy alternately fills and empties the colon and would improve the hydration of the patient during each session.

What about possible electrolyte depletion in the colon?

When the body is properly nourished with good quality organic foods containing sodium, potassium and magnesium, the electrolyte level of the colon is replenished as part of the diet.

Will the normal healthy intestinal flora be disturbed by colon hydrotherapy?

The large intestine is producing bacteria on a daily basis and adherence to proper nutrition will enhance the colon’s ability to maintain balance following colon hydrotherapy.

What about possible contamination?

The colon hydrotherapy unit undergoes a thorough cleaning process with several disinfectants after each use. Most units use a disposable (single use) nozzle for administration of water into the rectum. A potent germicidal solution is used to properly disinfect the instrument between uses. The water infused is typically filtered with carbon filters and exposed to ultraviolet light before administration.

What about possible perforation of the colon?

Modern colon hydrotherapy units are not pressurized. The only pressure exerted is via gravity flow with an open unit. A healthy colon will not perforate with pressures this low. Colon perforation is extremely rare with modern open units.

What about colon hydrotherapy as a preparation method?

Colon hydrotherapy offers valuable application as a preparation method for diagnostic studies of the large intestine. Colon hydrotherapy can provide for optimal cleansing of the colon before colon x-rays or colonoscopy and allow for more accurate and precise diagnosis. This procedure minimizes the need for repeated studies due to improper or incomplete preparation. This can reduce unnecessary costs or additional radiation exposure in the case of a barium enema (colon x-ray with dye).

Patient discomfort resulting from retained barium from x-ray studies could be avoided utilizing colon hydrotherapy. Following the radiographic study, colon hydrotherapy would eliminate the problem of residual opaque material.

Colon hydrotherapy can also be a valuable preparation before gastrointestinal surgery. This type of colon cleanse provides a more optimal surgical field and potentially decreases the risk of postoperative complications.

Colon hydrotherapy can be used to improve wellness naturally. There are many reasons to consider colon hydrotherapy that can help improve your health. Colon irrigation is a great way to aid the body in detoxification. Even if you have normal bowel function colon hydrotherapy can be a way to improve and maintain your gastrointestinal health. Find out if colon hydrotherapy may be of help to you!

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