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Sunset Arms Outstretched Freedom
Wed, April 1, 2015
Christine's Corner, Wednesday, April 1, 2015
I think if we knew just how much we don’t understand of what we think we know, we’d be stunned into silence. Thich Nhat Hanh, in his book, Being Peace, says “For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.” In my life, I have routinely found that to be the case.
Perhaps, as someone who enjoys a good puzzle, that’s part of the fascination for me – figuring out what all the pieces are and how they all fit together. As a deep thinker, I really enjoy looking at a given situation and creating enough distance in my mind and in between my thoughts to be able to reach those aha moments.
Sometimes emotions can cloud your perspective on how you view things or what you’re able to perceive. Other times you’re just too close to whatever it is that’s happening. And often we just take things at face value and don’t realize that there is much more under the surface than we anticipate.
We get into things, a new passion, a new endeavor, perhaps even a new relationship, and we have a vague notion or idea what it will be or what it is. It’s only over time, with wisdom, experience, and openness that we become aware that what we thought we knew is often very different from what we discovered along the way.
When I started CoSozo, two of my loved ones were dying. I saw them get stuck in the bickering chasm between the allopathic medical world and the alternative/holistic one and I became determined that I could help in some way. It seemed like the folks on both ends of the spectrum, folks in the actual healing industry, had just gotten so invested in their particular position and perspective that they didn’t realize all the folks getting caught in the middle who really needed their help.
What I thought I knew at the beginning of CoSozo was that people didn’t see all of the choices available to them. What I thought I knew when I started this company was that the divide between these two markets needed to be healed.
The truth was very different once CoSozo got underway. We started a free monthly wellness publication that we distributed from Kalamazoo through Detroit. Along the way I met expert after expert, all working tirelessly to help more people. Once the magazine hit the stands, I heard from more and more people who were eager and anxious to find those very types of experts. It was amazing.
In the beginning, my biggest fear was that we would end up on a particular website (that isn’t worthy of mention now). This particular site demonizes a lot of folks that I really admire and discredits many alternative practices that have been used successfully for thousands of years. Today I just laugh at that memory. 
However strong my passion was in those early days, my efforts were somewhat misguided. The alternative and allopathic markets didn’t need to be healed. The people in those markets were already making their own choices and the internet was handily helping them along in, CoSozo included.
Things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes what you find underneath the surface is drastically different than what you had anticipated. Sometimes even though what we perceive to be real is exactly as we imagined it to be, when you look at it from an energetic, holistic, or even another person’s perspective, it changes completely.
There is always more depth to what shows up in our lives than what we are aware. And if we’re willing to set aside our preconceptions, some of that depth and wisdom can reveal itself to us. It’s an appropriate topic for me this month as that’s some of what’s been happening behind the scenes here at CoSozo for some time.
It’s been an exhilarating, rewarding, daunting, and yes, even unnerving process as I’ve set aside some of my views and allowed more depth and meaning to come forward. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from having all the answers in my life or even in my life with CoSozo. But I will say this journey has been absolutely incredible.
I’ve learned more about myself in the past ten years than in all the other decades combined (and yes, that’s a lot!). I’ve had a lot of great teachers, many of them present here in our pages. Like all of us, I’ve learned some of those lessons in ways that bring immediate smiles to my face even all these years later, and some of those lessons have brought me to my knees.
The past couple of years especially, I’ve gotten really good at setting aside my views and allowing what truly is to come forward. What I’ve heard pretty consistently for some time now is that another chapter was ready to begin in my life. It feels like the time is right. 
One of the things I’ve discovered is that when you try to hang on to something because you’re unwilling or afraid to let it go, you prevent yourself from experiencing what’s trying to come in. Ironically through the action of hanging on rather than releasing or perhaps more importantly, simply allowing, you change what that thing is and your relationship with it. Sometimes you just need to change what you're doing even a little bit to have things change in significant ways. Sometimes we don’t always understand why we get the answers we do in life and what I’ve recognized in my own life is that I don’t need to understand in the moment, I just need to trust.
So, it’s with excitement and anticipation and even nostalgic whimsy that I write this column, as I won't be writing for a while, at least in this way. I'm making room for the opportunities that are showing up in my life and changing things up a bit as a result. I've started simply allowing what is to come through, and, unsurprisingly, as I became willing to be open, new opportunities and adventures have quickly appeared.

For you, our beloved CoSozo audience, enjoy! Our site will continue to be here and so will I, just in different ways. As with all transitions and transformations, we're still dialing in all of the details and will be adjusting along the way. We’re going to be publishing the articles that come in as they come in and are edited rather than queuing them for a monthly issue. We’d been working on having that happen for a while so it’s nice to have this catalyst kind of push us finally in that direction. You’ll continue to find Psych Up episodes and of course you’ll find all of our new episodes on the site and on itunes. Everything else, we're going to figure out along the way. We’re in the flow and it feels really good, especially as we're such huge believers in listening to your life speak!

I thank you so much for being part of CoSozo, it has and continues to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling roles of my life. For me, there will always be a new adventure around the corner, just the way I love it, and I’ll be around to share more of that as the time is right. It feels like a transition, and really it is.

It doesn't seem right to transition from what we have been to whatever we will be in the future without taking a moment to appreciate the entirety of all that is in this moment. I can't think of a time in the past decade with CoSozo that I haven't been acutely aware of how very grateful I was to be doing the work that I was doing, to be able to spend my life talking and working with such heart-felt, impassioned individuals working tirelessly to help others. It has been a humbling, awe-inspiring experience to share this space with you and I'm so grateful for it! Be well and shine your light as brightly as you can!

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