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Christine Andrew
Mon, April 1, 2013
Christine's Corner, Monday, April 1, 2013
I'm a huge animal lover, so I'm not exactly unbiased when it comes to our theme this month - the health and wellness of animals. There are studies that evaluate the impact of animals on our lives. From the companionship of animals to individuals with emotional, mental, and physical challenges to the sense of connectedness that can be experienced by the elderly and disabled, animals can ironically connect us to our sense of humanity.

I've always had pets in my life and during my earlier years when I was unable to have my typical pets (cats or dogs), I ventured into the world of owning fish. Even today, looking back on all those years ago, I get a chuckle over just how ugly I initially thought my plecostomus was and just how incredibly beautiful it became in my own home.

For those who love animals, who enjoy their companionship and who are taken with the lessons they offer us in unconditional love, animals can provide us with joys that can be unparalleled. Along with the joys of owning and loving an animal, comes great responsibility as well. In my household, the animals are furry family members, being different only from the rest of us in that we actually try to shave the hair off our legs and they don't. My father is fond of saying that when he reincarnates the next time, he'd like to come back as one of my animals, and I can't say I really disagree with him!

My views on the healthcare for our animals have changed over time in similar ways to my views about our own (human) healthcare choices. I'm so grateful that we continue to evolve, and learn, and grow over the course of our lives and I've become much more proactive about those choices for myself and the members of my family. Today I pay much more attention to the diet and exercise of my family (furry and otherwise) than I did in years past, and I have no doubt that our diet contributes the vast majority of the state of our health.

This month you'll find a great feature article from one of our favorite folks in the area, Dr. Stephen Thimmig. Whether you have cats, dogs, horses, or just a love for animals, you'll appreciate his wisdom on the ways in which we can help keep our animals healthy - specifically by focusing on dogs this month. Thank you Dr. T, and all of you in the world who work so tirelessly to help our animals live happy and healthy lives!

As the mom in our household, I don't think there's anything I do that's more important than making healthy choices that can help my family live a long, happy life that is full of love and wellness. Every moment they are here in this world is a moment that is full of sunshine in our lives. Whether they are chasing each other through the house, gazing up at us with sleepy eyes, or doing any number of things that make us laugh out loud, life through the eyes of a well-loved and well-cared for animal is amazing!

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