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Sun, December 1, 2013
Anatomy of the Human Aura
The human body appears to be a solid form, but as is true with all forms, it is really the densest layer of an energy field, which we call the aura.  The body’s manifestation begins when a physical aura is created by male and female genetic material coming together and being joined by the presence of an incarnating soul and its aura.  The combined auras and genetic material give birth to the design and intention for the body and the soul’s contracts for the lifetime it is beginning. 

The human aura is complex and interesting; composed of 7 layers, each with its own function. The inner layers are the most physical.  As the layers progress away from the body, each successive layer is higher in vibration and increasingly spiritual.  Each layer of the aura influences, supports, and penetrates all the layers below it, but has little direct influence on the layers above.  So, as a healer, when seeking the cause of issues, I look for the problem at the highest level of the aura where I can find it.  When healing is done there, all layers below it can heal; this corrects the issues of the physical body, and the healing will last.  If I try to heal the body without addressing the cause at the higher levels, the healing will be temporary and disease will reappear.

The first three layers of the aura relate to the current incarnation and the physical body.  Their shapes follow the contours of the body.  When your body dies, these inner layers dissipate.

The Inner Etheric Aura – is the layer closest to the physical body.  This layer contains the meridian system, composed of little pathways of electrical energy which feed life force into the physical body.  There are points along these energy pathways that allow energy to flow into the organs and systems of the body; they are like tiny energy centers or chakras.  These points are used for acupuncture and acupressure to stimulate the flow of life force along the meridians and release blocks to wholeness within the body.  Also in this layer are energy generating tetrahedrons.  Tetrahedrons are shaped like two pyramids attached to each other at their bases.  These spin and generate energy which flows into the meridian system and feeds the body.

The Etheric Double – is the second layer out from the physical body.  This layer is a store house of energetic substance that allows the soul and spirit to join with the physical body and to influence it, as well as to act through it to influence the world.  This energy is generated out of the life of the soul while within the physical body.

The Vital Body– is the third layer out from the physical body.  This layer is the energy that you are currently putting out for whatever you are doing.  When you are exerting a lot of energy this field may grow stronger or wider.  If there is not enough energy available for what you need to do, this aura gets thin and weak.  When you rest it is regenerated.

The 4th – 7th layers of the aura support your soul and spirit life.  They are shaped like an egg standing upright on its smaller point. When your soul astral travels during sleep or meditation these layers are the vehicle it travels within.  When your body dies, these layers continue on as part of your soul and its ongoing evolution through lifetimes.

The Astral Body – is the 4th layer of your aura.  This layer contains your emotions and memories from all lifetimes.  These memories are often called your Akashic Record, or your book of life.  Your astral body is always in motion, like clouds in the sky, feelings and memories move and flow constantly through it.  This aura can be a vehicle for travel during sleep or meditation; it can also connect immediately with anyone or any place that you desire to connect with.  If you are an intuitive person when you think about someone, you receive instant impressions about how they are doing, especially how they feel emotionally.  These messages come through your astral body.  You can also send energy and messages, either loving or negative instantly through this aura, so be careful about how you project your feelings!

The Lower Mental Body – is the 5th layer of your aura.  This layer allows you to focus your mind on particular, linear paths of thought and activity.  It helps you direct your attention and your will to specific purposes and to follow through and complete things.

The Higher Mental Body – is the 6th layer of your aura.  This layer gives you access to the unconditionally loving wisdom of the universe.  Through meditation, in response to prayer or while dreaming or just waking up from sleep, you may receive information needed for making choices and have no idea where it came from.  When this information is accurate and true, it comes through this layer of your aura.

The Spiritual Aura – is the 7th and outer layer of your aura.  This layer is your most spiritual energy field, holding all elements of body and soul in unity.  It has direct access to the higher source of life which you may call God.  This layer is like the sun, pouring unconditional love onto the earth of your body.  But where there are blocks in emotion or mind, they act like clouds in the sky, preventing the flow of loving spiritual life into your experience and causing disease of body, emotion, and mind.  Healing can clear those blocks and allow your true spiritual essence and source to have a stronger influence in your physical experience, which supports health on every level.

In this diagram of the aura, you will see that we refer to the layers of the aura as bodies.  This term is more accurate than layers, but in order to not confuse them with the physical body, I have been using the term layers. 

Each body of the aura is complete, penetrating all the layers below it.  So the physical body contains elements of each body of the aura and responds directly to influences through any of them.  The more spiritually sensitive a person is, the more they will feel things in their physical body which are not actually physical.  Medicine calls this psychosomatic illness and thinks of it as a mental disorder.  In fact, it is an awareness of problems, which if unresolved will eventually become physical disease.  So it gives you an opportunity to address an issue before it becomes a physical fact in your body. 

By the time energy blocks and issues have become physical disease; they have been blocking your aura for a long time.  The cause may lie in heredity, early life issues, traumas, a lifetime of taking on other people’s problems, stuffing your feelings or unresolved issues from prior lifetimes.  Addressing the cause of blocked energy, allows healing to happen for the physical body and true health to resume on all levels.  Through resolving blocks, a person can evolve and fulfill their true purpose in life.

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