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Wed, September 1, 2010
“Body Work” for the Human Energy Field
In our purest form, we are all beings of light... intricate systems of energies that have specific vibrational frequencies, reflective densities, and subsequent form. Every aspect of who we are, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - everything we think, say, do, and feel, is at its very core a form of vibrational energy.

Because the density of matter is inversely proportional to its vibrational frequency, the higher a matter’s density, the lower its rate of vibration. As the vibrational frequency of matter increases, its density decreases. Our Human Energy Field vibrates at such high frequencies, its density is beyond the range of physical form. The most effective way to interact with and affect changes within the Human Energy Field is therefore at the energetic level.

The importance of this becomes emphatically clear when we begin to understand that all disease, illness, trauma, emotional disturbance, mental stress, and any other form of imbalance in our life is first displayed on the energetic level (i.e. the Human Energy Field) prior to manifesting in the physical body. Therefore, keeping our energy field clearly flowing, fully charged, and balanced is the ultimate preventative measure in maintaining a healthy physical body.

A fully balanced, charged, and cleared energy field also serves to support clear thinking, emotional stability, and spiritual awareness - balance of mind, body, and soul, the foundation of integrative holistic health.

“Body work” for the Human Energy Field can best be described as any form of vibrational therapy that directly interacts with and supports the health of our energy bodies.

Hands-on-healing is one form of “body work” that directly supports the Human Energy Field. In this form of therapy a healing practitioner acts as the channel or conduit for healing energy which is directed into the energy field through the practitioner’s hands to facilitate flow, remove blockages, and revitalize depleted areas in our energy bodies. This category of vibrational therapy includes modalities such as Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, and Brennan Healing Science, which collectively encompass a wide range of training requirements and subsequent techniques available for energy healing work.

In some methods the healing practitioner is trained to simply allow healing energy to flow through them, and find its own way to areas of the body in need of specific healing. In other methods, practitioners are trained to direct specific vibrations of healing energies more precisely into areas of the body in need of balancing or rebuilding.

Other forms of energy “body work” are sound and light or color therapy, both having direct and strong effects in the Human Energy Field. Each chakra of our energy field is associated with a range of vibrational frequencies represented by both light (color) and sound. Through the harmonic induction of introduced sound waves and/or light (color) frequencies, energy blocks can be loosened, deformed chakras can resonate back into proper form, specific energy lines can be cleared to facilitate energy flow, and areas of the body can be charged.

Light therapy introduces varying methods of introducing both full spectrum and individual colored light into the energy field. The traditional colors used for each chakra are found in the second level of the energy field, the level in which we experience our emotional life and our feelings about ourselves. In this level of our energy field, the first chakra is associated with, or is, the color red, the second chakra is orange, the third yellow is yellow, the fourth chakra resonates with green, the fifth chakra is blue, the sixth chakra is indigo, and the seventh chakra resonates with white. One method of light therapy involves shining pure colors of the appropriate frequency light directly into the chakras to help clean distorted energy patterns.

A prism separates the full spectrum of white light into its individual components of color. By looking through a triangular shaped prism at reflective light (not directly into the sun!) refracted light exists in the prism, and the individual frequencies of colored light charge our chakras and our energy field. By practicing this method for 20 minutes each day, we can help to keep our energy field balanced and cleared.

Sound therapy is vast in its methods of introducing vibrational wavelengths into the energy field. Drumming, toning, and listening to music are all effective methods for clearing and charging chakras and areas of the energy field.

Drumming is wonderfully grounding and connects us to the earth’s energies, helping to open the first and second chakras.

Toning is a method of creating tones with the voice. By toning sound directly into the chakras the sound resonance can bring distorted chakras back into balance. Toning can be used to affect all the chakras and all levels of the energy field.

Music offers another method of sound therapy. A wide variety of music creates a wide range of effects in our energy field. Music can be used to calm and soothe our energy field, or raise its vibrations to help induce a healing state. It can invoke altered states of consciousness, stimulate our sexuality, increase the flow of energy through our entire field allowing us to feel “energized,” it can open our fourth chakra to help us connect with each other, and it can expand our spiritual awareness.

All of these methods of energy “body work” have a beneficial impact on our physical well-being. When used as preventative measures they keep our energy fields cleared and charged, helping to prevent energetic distortions that can lead to physical disease and illness, and other life imbalances. When used to treat existing energetic disruptions already displayed in the physical body as illness and disease, they can reestablish energetic connections that are vital to the healthy functioning of our physical bodies, enhancing our body’s innate ability to heal.

When considering a holistic approach to your own health care, don’t forget the most important aspect of your being - your beautiful, light-filled energy body. It truly is the foundation of who you are.

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