Communicating directly to another’s consciousness without electronics, sound, or gesture is telepathy, a delightful and natural intuitive gift.  Most likely you already use it to some degree, though y
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “grace” is defined as:
  1. effortless beauty of movement
  2. polite respect
  3. pleasing quality
When I was asked by CoSozo to write an article on how to use your mind for optimal use of your astrology chart, I was really excited.
Taoism is a philosophy that asks that we consider our place as part of the natural world and learn to live in harmony with it, that we accept what is in front of us at any given time without asking it
I have heard the term “Dark Night of the Soul” in the past; and as many of you, I was quick to assume that this is a term for a form of depression. My mistake!!!
Young Woman Happy in a Summer Field
“I think that if you do spiritual practice correctly, it reflects and undoes your habits of closure so that when you stop doing those habits you are left in your natural state, which is wide open,
Synergistic Evolving Transformation Illusion Artwork
Illusion: C14: from Latin illūsiō deceit, from illūdere; see illude
“The opposite of lying is honesty. Truth has no opposite.”
Sad Husky Looking Out the Window
I live in a tiny neighborhood at the top of a very long hill. I'm far from the throngs of Hong Kong and ensconced in the wonders of nature.
Closeup of Senior African American Couple
Framing, in visual arts, is the presentation and placement of visual elements in an image, especially the placement of the subject in relation to other objects.
Astronaut in outer space
Gravity is a movie that I've recently seen starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.


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