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College applications, tweeting and texting, prom, grades, friends, pressure, driver’s licenses, and dating are all things that consume a teen’s life.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents (aged 15-24 years) in the United States, accounting for 20 percent of all deaths annually among that age group. (1)

Man Taking a Selfie
We have become a society…
  • Of an email instead of a letter.
  • Of a text instead of a phone call.
Workers at a Salt Farm Thailand
In the U.S. I can't say that I've often even taken notice of May 1st in any particular way.
Young Mom with her Babies
We’re talking this month about the healing magic of children as we head into November, a month that holds not only Thanksgiving, but also elections.
Child Bullying
Over the last few years peer bullying has been increasingly recognized as a problem and the focus of widespread preventive efforts at schools and communities across the country.
Big Brother is watching you! And Big Sister, too! No, not the government, the stores!
Globally we are at a tipping point. Grow strong and work together or watch as other countries “eat our lunch”. From within the walls of corporate America, the goal is to make money.
One of the first things people say about domestic violence is that if someone ever abused them, they would leave immediately.  While this is a comforting thought for most people, it is one that I try
Recently I received a call at the helpdesk at NAMI Michigan from a retired police officer.  He needed help.  His daughter is mentally ill and is currently being held in solitary confinement, not recei


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