The Human Body

Confession: I have not always been good at listening to my body.
Although we all have them, the meaning women attach to their breasts is based on personal experience; each woman has a very unique relationship with her breasts - regardless of physiological similarit
Our bones are the structural foundation of our bodies. Our bones are a living tissue that are constantly breaking down old cells and replacing it with new ones.
Hormone changes are an ordinary part of getting older, like surface rust on a 57 Chevy, probably going to happen, yet not the end of the world.
You may be wondering what inflammation really means. My friend and colleague, Dr. Lori Shemek was the first person to enlighten me.
There are many issues in our lives that can affect our quality of life, that is for darn sure.  If you have ever heard my radio program, “Boomers Rock” then you have heard me discuss with our family o
No wonder life gives us a lot of lessons; I like to think of them as stepping stones that take us through life. Two years ago life gave me a boulder, one monumental obstacle.

This is a topic talk isn’t talked about much especially around the holidays. It is chalked up to old sports injuries or maybe old age.
We are beginning to understand and appreciate the importance of vitamin D in health. It has only been 40 years since scientists began to appreciate that vitamin D is important for healthy bones.
Well, it’s a new year and you have made that all too common resolution to lose those unwanted pounds. You may have struggled to lose weight in the past.


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