“You are what you eat.”  Who hasn’t heard that before?  I should be looking like an apple right about now, honey crisp, to be exact (it’s that time of year!).
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Remember that boyfriend or girlfriend that made your mother cringe? The one that just wasn’t good for you. Yet, you just couldn’t help yourself. You just had to be with him/her. It was exciting.
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“We were horrible eaters – frozen foods, fast food, sweets. Basically anything we wanted, we ate, whenever we wanted it.”

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Kombucha tea... you’ve seen or heard about it, you’ve maybe even tried it. But what is this funky tea everyone seems to be talking about these days?

Is caffeine good for us or not? That is the question!

As a society, have you ever noticed how much focus we put around food? If there’s a celebration, you can be sure there’s going to be food.
You could hear a pin drop as I wander the vacant grocery store aisles. I slip a little from their slick, shiny floors. Best time to shop, when it’s all quiet and no one is looking over my shoulder.
We are our own worst enemies.  Modern lifestyle and the standard American diet has increased our obesity rate to 35.7% in 2012 from a modest 13% in 1962.  What is the problem?  Aren’t we a fitness and
Food affects virtually every aspect of our lives, and nobody knows this more than those who suffer from food-related illnesses.
Do you get tired of begging your child to eat more healthy foods and less junk food?  Do you ever bribe your child with desserts for cleaning his or her plate?  Do your family meal times last a maximu


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