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There's no need for sunscreen in the winter

The Detroit Free Press ran an article on April 28, 2011: “When All Feel Cheated, Who’ll Play Fair?” written by Brian Dickerson.
“We are not human beings on a spiritual path.  We are spiritual beings on a human path.”
Celebration Highlighting Wine Glasses Clinking
In a recent article by Eric Asimov, wine reviewer for the New York Times, he d
Pediatrician Listening to Preschooler's Heart
Congential Heart Defects: Leading Cause of Defect Deaths in Infants

concerned dad with sick child
My husband, Dan, and I were thrust into the world of bereavement on a warm sunny day in July 1985. Little did we know how that traumatic experience was going to change our lives forever.
Worried Parents with Infant
The shock, numbness, tears, and sorrow all seem to come with a rare disease diagnosis. The question of “Why Us?” seems to follow as families try to grasp the realities.

Ever since the Internet was created two decades ago, both it and our lives have continued to morph and change at a increasingly fast pace.

Fatty Oxidation Disorders (FODs)1 can be very challenging for families and affected children and adults (FODers).  Personally, I know I have lost sleep over it and gained a few gray hairs!  Being an F
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting together with two of my favorite gal pals for lunch.


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